About The Project

The site is a steeply westward sloping battle axe water-front site on Woodford Bay, Northwood on the Lane Cove River. It has serene views of the Lane Cove River framed by Morton Bay Fig and Cheese trees. Upon entry at the mezzanine level, the butterfly ceiling immediately draws the eye towards the water view and then to the trees and sky as it flips up when the occupant moves down and out towards the main deck.

With an 11m fall over the 18m footprint of the house, many stairs were inevitable so the stair became a sculptural feature of the project. Despite the number of stairs, the house feels like 2 levels not 4.

The soring butterfly ceiling, the eye-leading stair and carefully placed wall openings all contribute to a feeling that; even though inside, one could be standing in the previous garden lot letting one’s eyes trace-up tree trunks and find gaps in the tree canopy above.